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Our comprehensive catalog of services aims to fill in any gaps you may be facing when developing a claim scope. When you need a licensed professional with advanced training in a specific area of expertise, trust Coast to Coast Claim Services to match you with technicians and consultants in your area.

Solo Inspections in Mokena, IL

Solo Inspections

One of our highly skilled and certified team will provide an inspection of any damage to any property, without the need for anyone else present.

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Ladder Assist in Mokena, IL

Ladder Assist

Our comprehensive, licensed roof inspection process provides an in-depth assessment of the condition of each roof to achieve an accurate determination of the cause of any roof damage as well as complete sketches and calculations to assist the adjuster in the creation of a project scope. Industry professionals trust Coast to Coast for quality roof inspections.

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Interior Inspection in Mokena, IL

Interior Inspection

All Coast to Coast Inspectors are certified to perform the most detailed interior damage inspections in order to report ALL damages to the property.

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In & Out Inspection in Mokena, IL

In & Out Inspection

If you need an expert to support you for those simple jobs where things are straightforward and you want someone to instantly view a situation and verify information, then our experts can support you with an in and out inspection.

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Commercial Underwriting Inspection in Mokena, IL

Commercial Underwriting Inspection

Let our experienced team provide you with the information you need for your risk assessment. We will provide expert level knowledge in a detailed report or reports, on the state of the commercial building being assessed. We will help make your job easier.

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Emergency Tarping in Mokena, IL

Emergency Tarping

Coast to Coast has experienced teams on hand to support minimizing the damage during an emergency.

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High Value Residential Inspection in Mokena, IL

High Value Residential Inspection

Our licensed inspector will provide you with detailed reports relating to the nature of roofing and any other applicable structural issues that might impact your underwriting assessment.

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Post Construction Inspection - Commercial & Residential in Mokena, IL

Post Construction Inspection - Commercial & Residential

When you need a post construction building inspection entrust that work to the Coast to Coast team.

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Commercial Roofing Claims Consultant - Large Loss Roof Claims in Mokena, IL

Commercial Roofing Claims Consultant - Large Loss Roof Claims

Our experienced and licensed professionals have the knowledge to support you with large loss roof claims. We will provide you with detailed information as to the structural condition and requirements to bring the roof back to its original state.

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Engineering Consultants in Mokena, IL

Engineering Consultants

The Coast to Coast Engineering Consultants are highly qualified individuals who have been working in the industry for many years. They have extensive experience in many different fields including mechanical, electrical, civil, systems and environmental.

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ITEL Services in Mokena, IL

ITEL Services

The team at Coast to Coast are trained to provide ITEL services.

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