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Ladder Assist - Roof Inspections

Ladder Assist - Roof Inspections

Our comprehensive, licensed roof inspection process provides an in-depth assessment of the condition of each roof to achieve an accurate determination of the cause of any roof damage as well as complete sketches and calculations to assist the adjuster in the creation of a project scope. Industry professionals trust Coast to Coast for quality roof inspections.

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Comprehensive Roof Inspection

Cause of Loss

01. Cause of Loss

  • Hail or Wind
  • Mechanical Damage
  • Installation Problems
Visual Inspection

02. Visual Inspection

  • Leaks
  • Previous repairs
  • Deterioration
  • Ventilation
  • Estimated age of the roof
  • 10×10 hail test squares for each directional slopes
  • Roof accessory count
  • Wind damage count on all slopes
Photo Documentation

03. Photo Documentation

  • Overview of roof
  • Wind damage count & close-up photos of wind damage for each directional slope
  • Layers, pitch gauge & shingle gauge
  • Hail test square with close-ups
  • Photos of hail damage and hail count
  • Additional roof accessories
  • Repair-ability test
Project Scope Estimate

04. Project Scope Estimate

  • Accurate Sketches
  • ITEL/Material Identification
  • Detailed Slope Measurements
  • Includes Notes to Repair Substructures and Accessories

About Our Ladder Assist Services

The professionals providing information for you are qualified in the area of roofing. They have extensive knowledge of quality workmanship. With that in mind the inspection they provide will come from a place of the most cost-effective method to right the wrong with any roof.

Our reporting is more comprehensive than other third-party inspectors in the industry within a time period that is unmatched by any other company.

We will provide you will fully detailed reports on the condition of the roof, including any damage caused at an earlier time. We'll let you know the extent of the damage caused by the most recent incident and what we see as the best and most cost-effective method for remediation in the current situation.

You'll be confident that we scope the project to the desired level to not miss any important piece of detail. You don't want cost overrun issues.

And we will back up our report with qualifications that are industry supported.

Our team knows all about safety too. They have years of experience working on high pitch roofs, in their local area. The difference with our team is that each of our third-party inspectors knows their local environment.

They know and understand the roofing methods used, including the products. They also know and understand local weather conditions, which plays a part in any scoping for remediation of roofing issues.

We'll provide you with a quality non-biased opinion backed by extensive knowledge and local experience. You'll see the difference in a report from Coast to Coast firsthand.

Trust us to be your advisers when it comes to ladder assist roof inspections.

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Roof Inspection

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