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Local Experts You Can Trust

Coast to Coast connects you with local experts with advanced training. Our staff is certified in areas that relate to both insurance adjusting and property inspection.

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Because of the high stakes involved in insurance claims, those involved in making decisions need to be at the top of their skill level. That's why we ensure advanced training for all of our staff.

Haag-Certified Inspectors

01. Haag-Certified Inspectors

Our report conclusions have a deep level of credibility because our inspectors are Haag-certified.

Ladder Assist & Harness Training

02. Ladder Assist & Harness Training

Dangerous work demands extensive training in order to do the job well. No roof is too high or too steep.

OSHA Certified Training

03. OSHA Certified Training

Not only do our inspectors and technicians follow OSHA guidelines on the job site, that certification shows in their reports and recommendations.

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Our Mission

Everything we do is focused on getting the job done. Coast to Coast Claim Services is dedicated to connecting insurance adjusters with local property inspectors, roof inspectors, claims consultants, and other specialized technicians in the construction and restoration industries. Our broad range of professional claims services equip insurance adjusters and estimators with the skill sets needed to obtain a fair and accurate project scope for small and large loss insurance claims.

  • Advanced Certification Levels
  • Reliable, Prompt Response and Service
  • Fair, Competitive Pricing
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We have built strong relationships with contractors, inspectors, and technicians all over the US. Just let us know the address of the property, and we'll match you with a qualified technician in your area. 

Our response time is one of the fastest in the industry. You can expect to receive service within 24 hours... or sooner!

We are always looking for the best-trained, most-qualified technicians. If you are confident that you fit that description, we'd love to meet you. Please contact our HR department.

Local Experts You Can Trust